Featured Story July-August 2014
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MSL News
May 2014, the 11th Student Conference on Management Science and Technology will take place on 13rd May 2014 with subject "Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship".

March 2014, Professor George Ioannou has been appointed as the new Director of the Management Science Laboratory.

March 2014, AUEB Research Center and MSL joins the Pan-European OI-Net project. Associate Professor Eric Soderquist is the representative for AUEB in this 52-partner project, led by LUT, Finland, aiming at developing new skills and mindsets required in order to reach success in Open Innovation (OI).
Upcoming Events
The Economics, Finance, MIS & International Business Research Conference
10-13 July, 2014
London, United Kingdom

Developing & Implementing a Web-based Early Alert System
17 July, 2014
online, United States of America

20th Conference of the Internatinal Federation of Operational Research Societies
13-18 July, 2014
Barcelona, Spain

2014 International Conference on Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computational Methods (PMAMCM)
17-19 July, 2014
Santorini, Greece

TCSSE International Conference of Science and Technology
11-12 August, 2014
New York, United States of America

NUMAN 2014 Recent Approaches to Numerical Analysis: Theory, Methods and Approaches
2-5 September, 2014
Chania, Crete, Greece

International Conference "Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and Performance"
25 September, 2014
Nuremberg, Germany

6th Annual Operational Risk
2-3 November, 2014
London, United Kingdom

31st Annual Conference of the Hellenic Mathematical Society
7-9 November, 2014
Veria, Greece

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2014 San Francisco
9-12 November, 2014
California, United States of America

2014 4th International Conference on Information and Finance - ICIF 2014
20-21 November, 2014
Milan, Italy

2014 5th International Conference on Computer and Computational Intelligence (ICCCI 2014)
6-7 December, 2014
Paris, France

2015 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research
12-14 April, 2015
California, Unites States of America

Rome 15th Academic Conference
14-17 April, 2015
California, Unites States of America

2015 CORS/INFORMS International Conference
14-17 June, 2015
Quebec, Canada

MSOM Conference 2015
28-30 June, 2015
Ontario, Canada

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015 Philadelphia
1-4 November, 2015
Pennsylvania, United States of America

2016 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research
10-12 April, 2016
Florida, United States of America

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016 Nashville
13-16 November, 2016
Tennessee, United States of America
Recent Publications
  • New Book by Pantelis Lappas and Apostolos Kiohos (2014). Operational Risk: Theory, Research Perspectives and a Proposed Research Approach. University of Macedonia Press: Thessaloniki.

  • New Journal paper by Pantelis Lappas and Emmanouil Kritikos (2014). WebQuest Educational Scenario for the Numerical Solution of Equations using Pseudocode, MATLAB, CMAP and Rubrics. Astrolavos - Journal of the Hellenic Mathematical Society.

  • New Journal paper by Christos Tarantilis (2013). Adaptive multi-restart Tabu Search algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with cross-docking. Optimization Letters, 7 (7), pp. 1583-1596.

M A N A G E M E N T    S C I E N C E    L A B O R A T O R Y   








of technological projects that are complex and entail a lot of unforeseeable uncertainty. Using the Shamiyah project in Saudi Arabia as a case study, research shows that both approaches are applicable to the context of large-scale development projects. The applicability is dependent on the nature of the risk whether it is unforeseeable in kind or in impact while satisfying the complexity requirement in both cases. ... Read more >>
Selectionism vs Trial and Error in Large-Scale Development Projects

by Dr. Mohammad Baydoun, Visiting Research Fellow

The intellectual discourse between selectionism and trial and error theory has been widely discussed in the context of