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  • May 12, The MSL Activity Report for 2011 is available for download (in Greek). In 2011, MSL Staff has authored over 50 scientific articles, books, book chapters, conference contributions and working papers.  
  • May 12, New book chapter by Klas Eric Soderquist and Konstantinos Kostopoulos "Factors Affecting Performance of New Product Development Teams: Some European Evidence", in Assimakopoulos, D.G., Carayannis, E.G. & Dossani, R (eds.), Knowledge Perspectives of New Product Development, pp. 29-48, New York: Springer, 2012.  
  • Feb. 12, New Issue of InnKnow FORUM, the annual newsletter from the Innovation and Knowledge Management Center has been  published for the year 2011, with the lead article treating Knowledge Dynamics and Absorptive Capacity in the Innovation Process  
  • Jan. 12, Associate Professor Klas Eric Soderquist has been appointed as the new Director of the Management Science Laboratory.  
  • Aug. 11, New Edition: "The Greek University in the New Era: Challenges and Opportunities", by Professor Gregory P. Prastacos. Professor Prastacos, Rector of AUEB (2007-2011) and  Director of MSL, introduces us to the challenges that Greek Universities face in the current era of globalization, economic uncertainties and impressive growth of information technologies, while discussing current trends in management and leadership theory and practice  
  • Sept. 10, New Issue of InnKnow FORUM, the annual newsletter from the Innovation and Knowledge Management Center has been published for the year 2010, with the lead article on the Size, Experience of Firms and their Innovation Impact  
  • July 10, New edition: The 10-Years Anniversary Activity Report covering the activities and achievements of the Management Science Laboratory for the years 2000 to 2010 is now available for downloading  
  • Feb. 10, An Economic Impact Study of the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" The study has assessed the economic contribution of the Athens International Airport (AIA) in terms of jobs generated and economic added value on a local (Mesogheia), regional (Attica) and national (Greek economy) level.  
  • Jan. 10, The Impact of Publicly Funded Research on Innovation - An Analysis of European Framework Programmes for Research and Development The Innovation Impact (INNO IMPACT) study has assessed the impact of publicly funded research on innovation.  
  • Jan. 10, MSL Working Paper Series Update: MSL presents online its Working Papers Series. The list includes of more than 300 scientific articles from the year 2000 to 2009.
  • Oct. 09, New Issue of InnKnow FORUM, with the lead article on the Exploration into the Relationship between Managers' Sensemaking and CSR Outcomes  
  • Sept. 09, MSL establishes a new Research Centre in Operations Research & Decision Systems (ORDeS). ORDeS will be the fourth Research Centre of MSL, organized in order to perform basic and applied research in the field of algorithm design and development for solving complex problems arising in Decision Systems with varying dimensions and time horizons.  
  • June 09, Executive Seminar on "Sustaining and Developing Business in Southeast Europe", 25-26 June 2009 This two-day executive seminar, brought together emerging markets experts from academia and practice, to analyze and access the most timely and important issues required for crafting and re-crafting strategies, tactics and actions when developing and doing business in the emerging markets of the Balkans and Black Sea Region  
  • Oct. 08, New Issue of InnKnow FORUM, with the lead article on the Architecture of an Information Revolution  
  • Feb. 08, Completion of the Major Research Project "Analyzing and Evaluating the Impact on Innovation of Publicly - Funded Research Programmes", sponsored by EC-DG Enterprise  
  • Jan. 08, Completion of the Strategic Research Project "IST Evaluation and Monitoring", sponsored by EC-DG Information Society and Media.

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